CHICAGO (WHDH)– Two teams with star power up top, but also the power to find scoring with every layer of the lineup.

“I'd say it’s the biggest reason why our team is still here right now and we have the chance to win the cup. And the reason being is we’ve had contributions from all over our lineup and I think that’s what made us the best team throughout the regular season,” said Jonathan Towes, Blackhawks Captain.

“I think with hockey especially, when it comes to playoffs and going deep, a lot of it has to do with the depth on your team. This sport is probably one of the biggest sports where teams have superstars but in the end you’re going to see the best team win, the best organization, not the top players,” said Tyler Seguin.

That's not to give the top guys a pass, stars must be stars but at this stage every contribution counts.

“You can't have passengers in these games and you know everybody has to come into this game wanting to be the best players they can be, because I don’t know if the top players are going to score or whether the role players, third, fourth-liners are going to score, but in order to give yourself a chance you have to have everybody going,” said Coach Claude Julien.

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