Ashes of Red Sox fan sprinkled at Fenway Park

BOSTON (WHDH) - A Connecticut woman paid tribute to her father by sprinkling some of his ashes at the home of his beloved Red Sox.

Megan Johnson’s father, Dave, passed away in December from heart surgery complications. His family initially asked the Red Sox if they could spread his ashes at Fenway and their request was denied. Johnson still decided to bring a small vial of ashes to a game, saying it was the best way to honor him.

“I genuinely don’t think anyone but us had a clue. It was something we did for him because we knew that’s what he would have wanted,” said Johnson.

Johnson emptied the vial out behind home plate during batting practice, ensuring her father would always have a place at Fenway. She said the Red Sox and baseball meant a lot to her father.

“Growing up poor in Hartford, playing baseball was his safe haven and kept him on the straight and narrow during a life that certainly had challenges,” said Johnson. “He taught my four older brothers and I how to play and found so much joy through watching every Red Sox game at home with my mom.”

Statement from Red Sox:

“We are touched that people have such a powerful connection with Fenway Park and request this be their final resting place. There was a time when we did accommodate such requests; however, the sheer volume made it difficult for us to continue this practice.”

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