Boston vs Seattle, a tale of two cities

Super Bowl XLIX is a tale of two teams Sunday night, but building up to the game it’s a tale of two cities.

First up is Seattle, the home of grunge music.

“I know there is a Space Needle, a team that’s going to be beat in the Super Bowl, and that’s all,” John Dalton said.

Then there’s the cradle of liberty; Boston.

“We’ve just been doing America longer than they have,” Kristina Valente said.

Patriots fans aren’t too kind when reflecting about that other coastal city.

“I don’t know much about Seattle besides coffee,” Hui Nguyen said.

“Seattle I don’t know. Starbucks, rain, Dave Mathews,” Andrew McGloine said.

They’ve got grunge rock, the Space Needle, Starbucks and a public market.

But we’ve got Quincy Market, Dunkin Donuts, the John Hancock building and classic rock.

Seattle is known for industry with Microsoft, Boston is known for intellect with Harvard, MIT, Northeastern and more.

What distinguishes Boston most from Seattle is age and experience, which is why the number one reason Boston is better, fans say, is the legendary Patriots.

“We’re have more experience at this winning thing,” Valente said.