All eyes remain on Tom Brady Thursday, a day after he revealed he’s battling a cold.

He sounds about the same but he said he’s feeling much better.

“I feel pretty good. It was a good day to get out there and run around yesterday at practice. It’s just good to be out there on the field,” Brady said.

His teammates said the cold hasn’t held him back at all.

“Aside from his snap cadence sounding a little different I haven’t noticed anything different. He’s been working hard, he’s been doing a great job,” Patriots running back Shane Vereen said.

After 14 seasons in New England, Brady said he’s learned tricks about playing sick.

“It’s the winter months and it kind of ran through my house, I’m glad it happened early in the week and I’m feeling a lot better. It was good to run around yesterday and I expect to be 100 percent Sunday,” he said.

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