CHICAGO (WHDH) — The Blackhawks seemed to think they’ve found the formula to beating Zdeno Chara.

“Maybe sometimes in the first couple games we were giving him a little too much respect by trying to keep the puck away from him. He’s not a guy that we should be afraid of,” said Blackhawks forward Jonathon Toews.

His teammates agreed.

“I know he doesn’t like to get hit, so we just need to keep that up,” said Blackhawks forward, Bryan Bickell.

But the Bruins don’t care.

“To be honest we don’t even worry about what they think they’ve figured out because it’s about us right now. It’s about making sure we’re ready for Game 5,” said Bruins forward, Patrice Bergeron.

Comments or no comments, formula or no formula, the Bruins expect the same solid Chara in Game 5.

“I think he’s going to be at his best. We’re expecting nothing less. He’s our leader, he’s the guy with the most character I’ve seen,” said Bergeron.

Bruins forward Andrew Ference agreed.

“We expect great things out of him all the time because he delivers and just cause you’re on the ice, doesn’t mean it’s your fault,” said Ference.

The Bruins will face the Blackhawks in Game 5 at the United Center in Chicago Saturday night. Puck drop will be at eight o’clock.

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