Doughnut shops make sweet wager on Patriots-Steelers championship game

BOSTON (WHDH) - Pierogies and clam chowder are two foods that come to mind when one thinks of Pittsburgh and New England. But fans of the Steelers and Patriots are wagering something a bit sweeter on this week’s AFC Championship game.

The Boston-based Kane’s Donuts and Mac’s Donut Shop, of Pittsburgh, are putting a baker’s dozen where their mouth is, wagering their respected handcrafted doughnuts on the outcome of Sunday’s game.

If the Patriots win, Mac’s will send a dozen of their most popular donuts to Kane’s and vice-versa if the Steelers emerge as the victors.

The two doughnut shops plan to take part in some friendly trash talking as kickoff nears.

The losing team’s respective shop will also have to take a photo with the opposing team’s jerseys while baking their own doughnuts.

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