Patriots fans are sounding off on the deflate-gate controversy and while most fans support the team no matter what some are simply disappointed the Pats could be caught cheating for a second time.

“I love the Pats and I’m behind them 100 percent and I don’t really care,” one fan said.

A large group of pats fans are standing behind their team as the NFL continues to investigate if the Patriots deflated 11 footballs in the AFC Championship game

“It’s upsetting that they would bring it up at this point but let’s face it, the teams do what they do they all have their little quirks that they take care of. I’m sure every team in the NFL does it,” one fan said.

But some fans we spoke with are having a tough time believing the Patriots had nothing to do with this.

“I don’t want to blame the Pats. I don’t want to but might have to in this situation,” a fan said. “They already cheated before in Spygate now you’ve got this whole deflate gate thing going on we won it was an easy game it was pointless.”

Younger fans who normally look up to this team are left scratching their heads.

“As a fan, I think the Pats should have checked it over and this whole thing wouldn’t have started in the first place,” a young fan said.

As national media outlets arrived to Gillette Stadium to cover the growing controversy Patriots Nation tried to use all of this as a reason to band together.

“The Pats are always under scrutiny because everyone hates winners, and the Patriots are winners,” one fan said.

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