Even with a Red Sox loss, fans were excited to see baseball back at Fenway Park Monday.

Fans from as far away as Texas and even Australia were at Fenway Monday for the game against the Baltimore Orioles. The weather was windy and on the chilly side and many bundled up in jackets and hats as they headed into the ballpark.

Red Sox fans saw several improvements and additions to the historic park. Among them is a 10-foot high protective netting that has been installed from dugout to dugout. This new addition will hopefully protect fans from being hit by foul balls or broken bats. 

"It’s important for fan safety, we are complying with Major League Baseball rules, it’s something that I think you get used to very quickly," Tom Werner, Red Sox Chairman, said. 

There is new technology, including a virtual reality dugout, where fans get the chance to see and feel what it is like to be a professional player. 

Fans looking for something to eat now a bigger array of choices, including the Double Play Dog, pork sandwich, pork belly sandwich, chicken breast sandwich with avocado, and a short rib grilled cheese. Gluten-free options are also now available.

This year, the park has also banned smokeless tobacco, as part of a citywide ordinance. 

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