Former teammates share memories of playing with Tom Brady

BROCKTON, Mass. (WHDH) — Tom Brady’s former teammates spoke with 7News about their time playing with him and they knew the quarterback was headed to greatness.

Joe Andruzzi and Rush Hochstein played with Brady early on in his career and even as a young player, saw he had a strong work ethic.

“He knows when to pull the trigger and when not to and he knew it as a young guy,” said Hochstein, who added that Brady was positive and sure of himself.

7News caught up with Andruzzi and Hochstein at a chili cook-off in Brockton. They said they are impressed that at 40 years old, Brady is still playing and at the top of his game.

“Gotta run into him and see if he has as much gray hair as me,” said Andruzzi. “I mean, he’s getting up there but god bless him cause he’s still got that fire under him.”

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