Friday is Valentine’s Day and while it’s not much of a tradition in Russia, Olympians and fans alike are still getting in the spirit.

But love is in the air.

“There was definitely something special and intriguing the first time I really like made eye contact with him,” Jamie Greubel said.

American Jamie Greubel met her fiancé, a world champion bobsledder for Germany, at a race in 2012. She and Christian Poser of Germany are Olympic rookies together.

“Not a lot of athletes, you know, accomplish their dream of becoming an Olympian and for us to share that dream together is just yeah, very unbelievable that that happened,” Greubel said.

Team USA bobsled driver Jamie Greubel and her fiancé, Christian Poser of Germany can relax a bit for the moment. They don’t compete until next week. The women’s competition gets underway on Tuesday and Poser’s event, the four-man, begins four days later.

Husband and wife cross country skiers, Angelica and Gary di Silvestri are representing their adopted home, the island of Dominica. It’s the first winter games for the Caribbean nation and for the couple.

“Somebody yesterday asked me, ‘who was the important person in your athletic career?’ and it was definitely my husband. So to have him here with me it’s special. I wouldn’t be here without him,” Angelica said.

Check out more Valentine’s Day magic by watching the video above.

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