Alex and Maia Shibutani are ice dancers from Michigan who say their close relationship has led to their meteoric rise in the sport.

“It really is a strength for us when we get out there on the ice. What makes ice dance so special is that you have a partner you can count on and depend on when things are a little bit stressful,” Alex said.

They have been partners for ten years, but their dancing but their dance skills were evident years before that.

“Even before we started skating there are pictures and videos of us just dancing around the living room. It’s kind of funny how it all worked out,” Maia said.

How well has it worked out? In 2011, Alex and Maia became the first ice dance team to win a medal in their international debut. Now, they’re making their Olympic debut.

And they’ve found success beyond skating, too.

They’ve started Shibsib Productions, a Youtube channel with hundreds of thousands of hits.

They document life on the road and create viral videos with some of skating’s biggest stars.

“You get to see the skaters when they’re not on the ice competing, it’s a different look for people who just see us for four minutes out there on the ice,” said Alex.

They’ve been filming all of their experiences here in Sochi.

When competition begins, their goals are simple.

I think that we really just hope that we soaked up every second and that we did our very best. Really being here with Alex is just so special and I just want to enjoy every second,” Maia said.

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