No U.S. skier has won more Olympic medals than 36-year-old Bode Miller, but his Olympic journey hasn’t always been easy.

He’ll be making his competitive debut Sunday in Sochi in the downhill event, which he won a bronze medal for back in Vancouver four years ago.

When asked how he’s changed as a skier over the years, Miller said he’s matured.

“A lot of circumstantial stuff has changed. But I think it’s simply perspective changes. And that goes both ways because it’s my perception of the world around me, of the media, of coaches, of the Olympics as a whole, and vice-versa,” said Miller.

Sometimes failure can be the most important lesson you can have in life, if you’re prepared to learn from it.

For Sochi, he’s planning to do his best and come out on top.

“I think the goal for Sochi is to really ski at my top level. And I haven’t done that yet in my career, so I think I have to plan and I have to prepare and then at the end of the day you just have to hope that the execution can happen. But I think at this point I’m in the right place,” Miller said.

If he places in Sochi, he’ll be the oldest man to stand on an Olympic podium in an Alpine event.

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