It’s the perfect name for an Olympian: Gracie Gold. After already winning a bronze medal in the figure skating team event in Sochi the ladies’ competition is up next and Gold will have her biggest fan in the stands watching, her twin sister, Carly. The Olympic Zone has more on their story.
A solitary figure on the ice, Gracie Gold’s journey to Sochi has been anything but lonely.

“I do have a twin sister, Carly, she’s my best friend and we do everything together,” Gracie said.

“Growing up with a twin has been really fun. You always have someone to watch your back and you know you’re never lonely because you always have someone there with you. We’re such a good team together, you know the dynamic duo of the Gold sisters,” Carly said.

18-year-old Gracie and her fraternal twin Carly, also a competitive skater at the senior level, were born 40 minutes apart but they’ve been practically inseparable ever since skating together, living together and traveling together.

“It just starts even with planning, what to do on the trip and we pack together and get the house organized before we leave together. And then once we’re there at the airport, on the airplane, once we get to wherever we’re going, we do everything together,” Gracie said.

“I think I help her stay, you know, grounded. Stay true to herself. Not let her get too carried away or anything by everything that’s going on around her,” Carly said.

Gracie was the first of the gold twins to take to the ice and her Olympic dream began like so many others.

“I started skating right after the 2002 Olympics. I saw Sarah Hughes and it was amazing. In 2006 when I saw Sasha Cohen, I fell in love with her short program. I decided and I knew that was my ultimate dream,” Gracie said.

Her win at nationals back in January set the stage for Gracie’s Olympic debut and although their mother, Denise, says the sisters have been completive with each other since they were kids, there’s no sign of that sibling rivalry here in Sochi.

“I think Gracie’s really capable of anything. As long as she sets her mind to it, anything can happen. I couldn’t have asked for a better friend than Gracie,” Carly said.

You can see Gracie Gold in the ladies’ competition which kicks off Wednesday in Sochi.

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