He’s been voted the NFL Comeback Player of the Year and Rob Gronkowski says he has the doubters to thank for that.

He started slow this season after a knee surgery last season, but after week 4 he was back on track.

“I feel like I definitely did have a lot of doubters. I remember sometimes turning the TV on and I had that one season with four surgeries and last season I had my knee surgery, and there were many doubters like I was never going to be the same player again,” Gronkowski said.

He admits he was frustrated when he was injured, and not being able to respond to the haters made it tougher.

“When I’m down and out people are down on me, I don’t like that feeling. I don’t like when I’m at the bottom of the pole and just people can step up on me and I can’t do anything about it at the time because I’m sitting there rehabbing and I can’t show anything. It just motivates me to get even better,” the tight end said.

Now he’s back and healthy for Super Bowl XLIX.

“I like to prove people wrong when they’re always doubting me but also at the same time I like to prove to myself that I can overcome situations like this and I can become stronger from it. That I can go out there and be who I was or even better,” he said

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