Marissa Castelli has been working her whole life preparing for this year’s winter Olympics in Sochi and much of that push came from her mom.

Lori Castelli isn’t just Marissa’s mom and cheerleader, she’s an ice skating coach and Marissa’s boss at a rink in Smithfield Rhode Island.

Before Marissa could land the throws and perform triple salchows with her partner Simon Shnapir, she had to start with staying upright on the ice.

Marissa started skating at three years old, but she was practically born with skates on. 

“I would bring her into work with me, and she would just put on the skates and she would skate with me a little bit. She would get tired and get off the ice, and that’s something we tried to make fun,” Lori said.

Marissa now teaches about 20 students, but she said her mom is still in charge.

“She’s the head boss, and I just do what she tells me. It’s great to have the freedom to just do that,” Marissa said.

Many people who follow in their parents footsteps can expect some harsh criticism, but Lori said she just keeps it positive.

“I just tell her she looks great. That’s only tips I give her. She’ll just say ‘how do you think? How do is look?’ And is just tell her, ‘you guys look great!’” Lori said.

Lori was there when Marissa and Simon won the bronze medal during the team skate, and she’s planning on being there throughout the competition.

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