Brenna Dowell, member of the gold medal-winning US team at the World Artistic Gymnastics Champsionships last year, is training for her first Olympic Games.  

The 20-year-old from Kansas City said she gets a lot of support from her teammates. 

‘We definitely, doing gymnastics is just so hard, so just being with your team mates, they are all there with you you know it’s hard enough without having to worry about someone is gonna stab you in the back or anything so everyone is just so close and we just all support each other, it’s pretty cool," Dowell said. ""It’s really cool because we all go to training camps every months for about 5 days and we just go there and hang out with each other, and that’s the one time we can see each other because most of us live in a lot of different places around the country, so it’s cool just to have that little group of friends because there are just such a select few who actually, like in elite there is 30 people in each training camp, so it’s really cool just to hand out with them, and you know they are going through exact same thing that you are."

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