Russian skater Adelina Sotnikova beat out the defending champion from South Korea Thursday night with a spectacular performance in the ladies’ figure skating final.

Now Korea has filed a formal protest over the score Yuna Kim received.

America’s top skaters reacted to those controversial figures, and 7’s Nancy Chen caught up with Gracie Gold and Ashley Wagner to get their thoughts on the ladies’ final.

“…just being able to put out a performance that I trained and I was so proud of. That was really an Olympic moment,” said Gracie Gold.

“I did it. That was one of those moments where I was so excited about what I accomplished. I worked my butt off for the past three weeks and I’ve given up so much to get to this Olympics, and to have a program like that under pressure, deliver when it really counted that is what I needed to do. I was just ecstatic,” said Ashley Wagner.

“The controversy is something that people always look for in a sport like figure skating or gymnastics or any performance sports, know it’s part of the game, and encourages us to be better and just gotta beat the system,” said Gold.

“I did not see either of the ladies skate. I know that Adelina is one of the skaters that checks off the boxes and gets the job done, so obviously she got the job done last night,” Wagner said.

Most of the ladies will see each other again in March for the Worlds Competition.

However silver medalist Yuna Kim says the Olympics was her final performance.

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