You might expect a family from Needham to be rooting for the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLIX, but if that family is the Hauschkas you’d be wrong.

Steven Hauschka grew up in Needham, played varsity soccer and lacrosse in high school and then went to Middlebury College where he started to kick for the football team.

“I got him an Adam Vinatieri Snow Bowl kick picture autographed by Vinatieri. That was his pride and joy for a number of years,” Steven’s dad Peter said.

Drafted by the Minnesota Vikings in 2008, he played for the Atlanta Falcons, Detroit Lions and Denver Broncos before joining the Seattle Seahawks in 2011.  

A glass case at Needham Town Hall follows his journey from a local soccer player to a big time NFL kicker.

His dad loves to tell the story behind every picture and every trinket to make them come alive.

One photo shows the family with the closely guarded Lombardi Trophy.

“These very stern looking state troopers, one of them said to me ‘is the kicker your son?’ I said ‘yes’ and he said ‘oh man, he means so much for my on my fantasy team,” Peter said.

Steven’s NFL career has provided a lot of interesting moments for loved ones but perhaps none are quite as compelling the one they are in now.

“I get a little static at the hardware store in town here, in a nice way. ‘It’s nice your son is going to be in the game, but, you know, we feel sorry for you,’” Peter said.

Come Sunday, Steven will face off against the team he grew up cheering for.

“I know he is excited to play the Patriots,” Peter said.

Peter said he never expected his son to be an NFL player growing up, but he always hoped for the best, even if that means rooting against the home team.

“Even being immersed in New England Patriots fans, we root for our son,” Peter said.

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