New England Patriots fans braved heavy snow and subfreezing temperatures to snap up the first caps and t-shirts signifying their team’s 4th Super Bowl win.

“I got a shirt,” said fan Emily Lanci.

The game was exciting from the start, but the last two nerve-wracking minutes were as much as any New England fan could take.

“I’m still shaking from it. It’s probably the most stressful moment of my life,” said Matt Knight.

For many Pats fans, this win puts to rest the criticisms of Spygate, Deflategate, and the slights from other teams and their fans.

“Between Ray Lewis and all those other idiots out there on ESPN, do us all a favor. Shut up, please. I’m done,” said Steve Little.

But for Pats fans, the win also means they own bragging rights to a team that is now undisputedly among the best in NFL History.

“Love it. I shut everybody up. Actually I’m from Philadelphia, so we have all those Eagles fans who play against Seattle. Love it, love it, love it,” said Susan Cottrelo.

“It feels really nice to be a New Englander, so, go Patriots,” said Jennifer Sheytanian.

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