Patriots focused on staying loose in hours before Super Bowl

The Patriots have been waiting three years since their last Super Bowl appearance to be back on the big stage on Sunday night they finally get their chance.

The Seahawks, on the other hand, are coming off a win in last year’s big game and have that fresh on their mind.

Players say it’s important to stay balanced as they get ready for the game.

“You can’t be bouncing too soon, you need to be bouncing right at kickoff, that’s when you want to be bouncing. We’ve just got to go out there, be prepared and do what we need to do,” Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski said.

But getting that bounce at the right time is tough to do, from the time players enter the field to kickoff can be 20 minutes, that’s significantly longer than a regular game.

That extra time will be crucial for the receiving team, and if that’s the Patriots that means wide receiver and kick returner Danny Amendola.

“I’ll be a little juiced up beforehand but once the ball is in the air hopefully it works out. I don’t know what we’re strategically trying to do yet but if you catch the opening kickoff to the Super Bowl it will be a good deal, I’ll be happy,” Amendola said.

There’s also the 30 minute halftime break.

“You’ve got to stay loose,” Patriots cornerback Darrelle Revis said.