Patriots get their 2016 Super Bowl rings

BROOKLINE, Mass. (WHDH) — The Patriots had a big night Friday when they received their 2016 Super Bowl rings during a party at owner Robert Kraft’s house in Brookline.

The rings arrived at Kraft’s home in an armored van ahead of the party. The players did not get to see the new rings right away, as each box was kept inside a locked box at their tables.

Friday’s ring ceremony comes exactly 15 years after the Patriots got their first Super Bowl rings. The 2002 rings were valued at around $15,000 but this year’s are worth closer to $40,000.

The Patriots revealed the rings online at the same time they players got to see them. The front of the ring has the Patriots’ logo and all five Lombardi trophies covered in diamonds. Each ring contains more than 200 diamonds and the inside features the engraving, “Greatest Comeback Ever.”

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