Premature? ‘Hawks fan gets Stanley Cup title tattoo

CHICAGO (WHDH) — A Chicago Blackhawks fan is confident his team will beat the Bruins in the Stanley Cup finals — so confident he got it tattooed on his arm.

Russell Pedersen got a 2013 Stanley Cup title tattoo on his right arm, according to a report in The Daily Journal. His arm already had a silver chalice and the date of every Blackhawks championship.

“I played hockey into my 30s and I’ve been a Blackhawks fan all my life. So, when the Hawks won in 2010, I got this tattoo of the Stanley Cup,” Pedersen told The Daily Journal on Thursday. “And there is room there to add the year 2013, so I’m doing it. I’m having it put on today to show my faith in the team.”

There are at least two games left in the series, which is tied at two.

What do you think of this fan? Would you ever do this to show your support for the Bruins?