Rajon Rondo meets with Kobe over eggs and bacon

Over the last four games Rajon Rondo has struggled with his scoring. He’s averaged right around 4 points per game. Due to his recent struggles, maybe he was getting some advice from Kobe Bryant Thursday morning. 

The two were caught eating breakfast together at the Paramount Friday morning.

Bryant was asked about that meeting before his game against Rondo and the Celtics, 

“We just talked about the game, talked about the league you know good ole memories of playing in the series against each other and stuff like that. It was a basketball geek conversation,” Bryant said. 

Seeing the two together sparked some speculation that the two All-Stars may one day join forces in Los Angeles, but Bryant says that’s not on his mind.

“I haven’t thought about any future teammates before. We get along extremely well, I mean we see the game in a similar fashion because of our aggressiveness, mind set and it was good to get together with him.”

Rondo will be a free agent this summer, but according to sources the Celtics want to resign him.

Not too long ago, Bryant expressed that if the Celtics don’t want Rondo, they should send him to the Lakers. However, Bryant just wanted to enjoy breakfast with a good friend.