(CNN) — Simone Biles has revealed that she thought “the world is going to hate me” after withdrawing from the gymnastics team event at the Tokyo Olympics.

In an interview with the Call Her Daddy podcast released on Wednesday, Biles spoke about how she was affected by “the twisties” during the Games, which causes a gymnast to lose track of where their body is and how it moves through the air.

The four-time Olympic gold medalist was replaced by Jordan Chiles in the team event and later explained that she needed to prioritize her mental health.

“If I could have got on a plane and flown home, I would have done it,” Biles said. “As soon as I landed (the vault), I was like, ‘America hates me, the world is going to hate me, and I can only see what they’re saying on Twitter right now.’

“That was my first thought … I thought I was going to be banned from America. Because that’s what they tell you, ‘Don’t come back if it’s not gold. Gold or bust – don’t come back.’”

Biles went on to win bronze in the balance beam in Tokyo but took an extended break from gymnastics after the Games.

She returned to the sport last year and became the most decorated male or female gymnast ever when she passed Belarusian Vitaly Scherbo’s record of 33 overall medals across the Olympics and the world championships.

During last year’s world championships, Biles won four gold medals – in the team, all-around, beam and floor competitions – as well as a silver in the vault.

The 27-year-old could add to her medal haul at this year’s Olympics in Paris, which begin on July 26.

Speaking on Call Her Daddy, she elaborated on what the twisties feel like, comparing it to the yips in golf or baseball. In gymnastics, however, the phenomenon is potentially more dangerous if it causes an athlete to land dangerously.

“It’s like your mind and your body is at a disconnect,” said Biles.

“Your body is going to try to do something, and your mind is like, ‘No, you’re not doing this, you’re going to open out, you’re going to do this’ … You’ve been doing something for so long and you now no longer have control.”

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