Patriots fans may not believe Tom Brady could cheat or even talk trash on the field, but with controversy swirling around “deflate-gate,” some opponents are painting a different picture of “TB12.”

“It’s cheating, regardless of how you may want to spin it, it helps Tom Brady, provides a better grip on the football,” said former Pittsburgh Steeler Hines Ward on the Today Show. He said he thought head coach Bill Belichick would not have known. “No. It’s probably only Tom Brady and the ball boy.”

Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman took things a step further when it came to the leader of the Pats.

“I think people somehow get a skewed view of Tom Brady. That he’s just a clean cut, does everything right, never says a bad word to anyone. And we know him to be otherwise,” Sherman said.

The two had a famous picture taken in the moments after the Seahawks beat the Pats back in 2012.

Sherman said that was all due to in-game trash talking by Brady.

“He was just pretty much saying we were nobodies,” Sherman said.  

While Sherman and the Seahawks had success against the pats three years ago, Hines Ward and his Steelers never beat the Tom Brady-led Patriots in the playoffs.

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