Tennis player makes good on Super Bowl bet; takes Brady fan on date

BROOKLYN, N.Y. (WHDH) — A Canadian model and tennis player made good on a bet with a fan who tweeted her, asking for a date if the Falcons lost the Super Bowl.

During the game, Bouchard got a little too confident that the Falcons would win the Super Bowl. She then received a challenge from John Goehrke, a Patriots fan: “If Patriots win, we go on a date?”

Bouchard said “Sure” to Goehrke’s suggestion. After the Patriots won, she tweeted, “Lesson learned. Never bet against Tom Brady.”

Bouchard held up her end of the bargain, flying the college student to New York City so they could meet up after she did her photoshoot with Sports Illustrated. The two of them attended a Brooklyn Nets basketball game courtside and Bouchard documented the date on Snapchat. Goehrke said he was shocked the date even happened in the first place.

“I didn’t really expect her to agree to it and when she contacted me and plans started falling into place, I was surprised,” said Goehrke.

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