Youth hockey coach’s viral pregame speech helps team win title

(WHDH) — A youth hockey coach in Canada has a special way of getting his players pumped up. Now, his epic pregame speech is going viral.

In the video above, Josh Rahme gets his players riled up with a special starting lineup announcement.

The video was taken before the Calgary team’s appearance in the city championship.

The theatrics worked — the team won on a penalty shot in overtime, beating out a previously undefeated team for the title.

Now that the team is getting international attention, the coach says the players get all the credit.

“My intent with how things were delivered was to get everyone fired up for the game and I gotta hand the credit to those guys, because they went out there and did the work. I was just the foreman to get them excited. It obviously works. The kids were ready to go and they played very, very well.”

The team went on to the province championships, where they took home the bronze medal.

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