7News Rides Along on Heroin Bust

It’s a Tuesday morning; but this is no ordinary work day. Police are gearing up for a heroin raid.

We’re behind the wheel with an undercover detective.  He’s heading up a region wide task force with undercover officers from eight other cities and towns.

The detective tells us, “Today we’re targeting an individual who’s been selling heroin up and down Route 16 from Everett to Lynn.”

We can’t show his face or use his name, but he says the heroin epidemic is very bad

He should know. He’s has been an officer with Everett Police for more than two decades. He says today they’re trying to take down a well-established heroin operation.

“There’s actually four search warrants going on as we speak. Here in Chelsea, one in Beverly and one in Lynn” says the undercover officer. “East Boston is going to execute a search warrant related to this case.”

Officers are targeting what they call a stash house in Chelsea run by two men. Police have been watching it for a month and half now.

Things happen quickly.

We pull up just as officers have their man on the ground in handcuffs.

An officer says, “There’s one party in custody over in Chelsea.”

Another team heading upstairs to his apartment where investigators say the deals are done.

“Police, police, police coming through. Police,” officers yell. “Police, police!”

Detectives burst through the apartment door and what they find inside makes it all worthwhile.

An undercover officer says, “What are we looking at – heroin and cocaine broken up in individual wrap bags.”

Forty grams of heroin were uncovered here. That’s enough to get more than 100 people high.

There’s also more than $23,000 in cash, guns and a $15,000 rolex.

“I’m Kelli from Channel 7,” Kelli O’Hara says. “Cops say you were selling heroin on the street.”

“No comment,” says the suspect.

Police arrested Juan Cruz-Bae, aka Jay.  He was a little camera shy, but while waiting for a squad car, the 25-year-old starts talking.

“Why would you be doing something like this?” Kelli asks.
He says “Cards I was dealt.”

“Things tough?” Kelli continues. “You make any money doing this to support your family?”

“That’s how I support my family,” he says.

In East Boston, at the other raid, police found more cash and guns, along with 23 grams of cocaine and nearly 3 pounds of pot, plus 40 more grams of heroin.

The undercover officer says,  “A lot of people don’t want to talk, fear for their safety.There’s people out there that are profiting.”

Kelli asks, “Why are you doing this job?”

The officer says, “It’s the right thing to do, trying to save lives out there.”

Police tell 7News the opioid crisis has gotten so bad, there are raids to get drugs off the streets in the Bay State virtually every day.

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