There are so many facets of meteorology that get me fired up……thunderstorms, buckled & blocked jet streams, snow blitzes and this time of year…the backdoor cold front. Frontdoor cold fronts are run of the mill….they cruise out of the Great Lake states/western Canada blasting us with cold air–#Winter2014-2015. The backdoor fronts actually come from Maine/Gulf of Maine –hence backdoor versus frontdoor—but still pack quite a punch with cool air. That happens today.

This front will prevent temps from reaching the 70s at the coast and will actually send coastal temps from the 60s this morning down into the low 50s by late day. Make sure you have jackets ready to go if you plan on being outside along the coast later today. This front, unlike most front door fronts, won’t be able to generate any rain—just an increase in clouds (mainly along the coast).

As for the holiday weekend, no fronts or doors to worry about—only to make sure mom gets what she wants. If she wants some sunshine with building warmth & humidity then she’ll get it! Both days are rain-free despite an increase in humidity. Truth be told we could actually use some rain around these parts but no significant precipitation is expected during the next 7-10 days across southern New England. Better water the plants for mom while you’re at it.

Hi Mom!



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