Ever have one of those weeks that you just can’t shake The Mondays? That’s been me this week for various reasons, two of them being the craptacular play of the Red Sox as well as our cool temps. Record cold “high temps” occurred both Monday & Tuesday as Boston failed to reach 50 and then these past few days a lot of clouds with temps struggling to reach 60. Enough about me, how are you?!

Today we see clouds build through the day and temps, once again a bit cool with most cities/towns, tennis courts, golf courses & beaches having afternoon temps in the upper 60s. Despite the increase in clouds, we stay dry so outdoor plans should be fine.

The weekend starts with?….you guessed it–clouds! These clouds will be with us until midday then High Pressure from Canada drops into New England and that will give those clouds a nice lil nudge out to sea. Sunday is loaded with sunshine. Since its High Pressure from Canada, the weekend doesn’t have a lot of warmth or humidity so beaching it is do-able but temps are only in the 60s each day. Warmer weather heads this way next week.

Have a great weekend!


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