Angered by sign stealing, Michigan man makes sign some say is racist

FLUSHING TOWNSHIP, MI (NBC) — A Michigan man said he was upset that someone kept stealing his Donald Trump signs, so he put another sign in his yard that many in the community say is racist.

The hand-painted sign reads, “Make the Township white again.”

The homeowner, who did not give his first name, says it is based on Donald Trump’s slogan, “Make America Great Again.”

Some residents and the town planning commission say the sign is racist.

“I didn’t laugh,” said Donn Hinds of the town planning commission.” I think it’s offensive and it hurts our community and it’s in everybody’s worst interests. It’s just a racist, stupid statement.”

The man, identified only as Bryan, did take down the sign, but he says he plans to put it up again next weekend.

“They told me it was ticking off a lot of people, he said. “And I said well, I don’t care…They steal my Trump signs and that ticks me off.”