Deja Vu for Neo meant a glitch in the Matrix. You may notice a glitch in the matrix today.

Our pattern is a bit stagnant this week thanks to High Pressure here in eastern MA and this means today’s weather essentially repeats itself. Plan on a mix of sun & clouds throughout the day with temps once again into the upper 80s. Also like yesterday, the risk of thunderstorms amidst all that warmth is low as there isn’t a mechanism to lift that warm, humid air. That lifting device is a cool front which will be across eastern New York this afternoon–too far away to produce storms.

By tomorrow that cool front will be in New England. That means we have a chance (Yes, I’m telling you there’s a chance) of some scattered afternoon thunderstorms. It’s far from a washout though as most outdoor plans should be fine but keep an eye on that radar app during mid-late afternoon hours. In any event drier, more comfortable weather is in town for Friday & again on Saturday. Sunday is our next shot at some beneficial rain (all day risk, not just late day storms).


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