Arkansas voter says Clinton name intentionally misspelled, calling her a liar

(NBC) — After crossing what they thought was every “T”, the Lonoke County Election Commission admits there was an “I” that not only didn’t need to be dotted — it should never have appeared on the ballot.

“It is amazing that that many people missed it,” said Jerry Shepard, the county election commission chairman. “Hillary has an extra I in it,” he said, “but Clinton is spelled perfectly correctly.”

Shepard said the typo slipped through several sets of eyes, making it to the ballot and firing up a first-time voter.

The woman who noticed the error says the extra “I” is more than just a misplaced keystroke but a knock against Hillary Clinton.

The name was spelled “Hilliary Clinton.”

“After looking at it pretty carefully it looked like they had put in ‘liar’ and that was after more information came out after her emails,” the woman said.

The voter says she called the county clerk’s office but was blown off. She claims that she was told not many people would vote for Clinton regardless of the error.

Jimmy Wallace, the commission’s Democratic representative, says the extra vowel was not foul.

“We don’t like it anymore than anybody else would because it is a reflection on us,” he said.

The commission says it is having a meeting Friday to decide if voters can still identify Clinton on the ballot or if the typo will affect Clinton’s ability to win the vote. They say it’s unlikely either of those are the case, and the spelling will stay the same.