We need the rain…I know that and you know that. Some towns picked up a little too much rain late yesterday afternoon (Westboro picking up 2.11″ in just 47 minutes) but all in all, this is just what we needed. It’s a slow moving storm and its fronts that will produce batches of light-moderate rain the next couple of days with most towns picking up 1-2″ (that’s on top of what we received yesterday) by late tomorrow afternoon.1-2″ of rain over 2 days is just about ideal and shouldn’t lead to any flooding (unless one of those aforementioned batches of rain stalls). The other good news is the air has been washed clean of pollen for a few days.

The only knock I have on the next couple of days will be the temps. They took a serious hit yesterday afternoon as the cold front dropped in from Maine. That front sent temps down 20 degrees without batting an eye and they will be stuck right around 50 until midday Wednesday! Not exactly how one hope to start meteorological summer (June 1st-August 31st).

Wednesday & Thursday of this week are the best of the bunch with sunshine & seasonal temps returning to New England. Another batch of rain showers appear likely for Friday & the start of the weekend.

Grab your umbrella before heading out today.


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