Back At It

Back at it after a few days of R & R with family. I hear I missed some really fine weather this past weekend/early this week. I come back to New England to clouds & showers. Shucks.

Thankfully, the showers today will be very isolated. For many of you, the day is mainly a dry day despite a lot of clouds. Rain gear is probably a good idea but I bet it stays on “Stand-by” for much of the day & evening. Temps are seasonal with most towns right around 70, bit humid tho.

Tomorrow we are more likely to see showers on & off throughout the day as a cool front pushes into New England. It will be tough to carve out several dry hours tomorrow (perhaps a few early in the day). Temps tomorrow are held back due to the showers. As we work into the Father’s Day weekend skies start cloudy on Saturday and then clear as the day goes by. There may actually be a few leftover showers on the Cape early Saturday morning but otherwise it’s a dry day. Father’s Day looks fantastic with sunny skies & temps near 80.