Well that was fun. For many, temps on Tuesday were the warmest since last November (Boston reached 60—first since November 27th) and strong March sunshine reminded us that it can, indeed, warm up around these parts. Sadly, it was just a tease as arctic air is just under 24 hours away from returning.

Even today, if you live along the coast, North Shore as well as north of the MA Pike your temps are cool & raw under a cloudy sky. Temps in these locations will barely reach 40. South of the Pike look for the numbers to soar into the 50s yet again–also under a cloudy sky. The reason is a stationary front draped across New England & this front will act like the highway for our next storm which now is located in the midwest with rain & snow.

No changes to previous days blogs which keeps mainly rain across southern New England (arriving by 2-4pm) and snow across northern New England for the storm with just a touch of snow at the end of the storm. The greatest concern is the flash freeze late tonight. We’ll see that rain & sleet this evening in the Worcester Hills change to snow/sleet in those areas between 12-2am and the rain changes to snow along the I-95 corridor between 2-5am Thursday. The temps will also drop–quickly from near 40 to 25 in just an hour or two…that will mean flash freezing likely. Even for areas along the coast that see mostly rain with this storm. Long story short, very poor travel expected after midnight tonight & early Thursday morning for much of southern New England.

Thursday & Friday will be cold with wind chill temps in the single numbers for much of tomorrow and morning lows on Friday in the single numbers. Thankfully, it is March an that means recovery. So much so that by Saturday afternoon, our temps reach the low 50s under a partly cloudy sky. That also sounds like fun.


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