A bus looking to put a new spin on the everyday commute is allowing people to exercise on their way to work.

It looks like a regular bus on the outside, but once you step in, get ready to ride. Nine spinning bikes, LED lights, towels, and even fruit are on hand for your own traveling spin studio.

Bike Bus was born when lawyers Seema and Eric Brodie were looking for a career change. “We felt like it was time to do something else and think outside the box,” said Seema. “How can you come up with a gym, a mobile gym, that goes through rush hour traffic.”

The company is hoping to offer rides to and from the West Newton commuter rail stop, giving people the chance to make the most out of their day. “While other people are sitting around you in rush hour traffic… they can ride our bus and get a full blown 45 minute workout,” said Seema.

Curious about the concept, we decided to take it for a spin.

Once you’re on board, it’s safety first. “We have a custom designed restraint, which goes across your chest, which will prevent you from going forward.” said Eric.

Afterwards, other riders were ready for round two. “I have trouble with spin sometimes,” said one rider, “but having the movement of the bus and the different changes in terrain made it a hundred times better. I loved it.”

“I think it’s a great idea to maximize time and to keep people useful, and it kind of just gets people moving no matter what,” said another rider.

Right now, the bus is only being used for private and corporate events, but the Brodies are working with the MBTA to try to make their rush hour rides a reality. “The ideal is to be picking up where you could either take public transportation in in the morning and ride back with us in the afternoon, or vice versa,” said Eric.

Each ride is supposed to last about 45 minutes. The Brodies say they have different routes they can take to avoid traffic, and if they arrive somewhere early, they can take an extra loop so that riders get the most out of their trip.

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