Days like yesterday are the kind I wish I could bottle up to enjoy over and over again.  Well, how about we do it again today?  The only difference is, the sunshine won’t be as bright as yesterday – Oh, and temps may get a slight boost on our highs yesterday.  Sound good?  Awesome.  Don’t like it?  Well, at least it’s Friday.

It’s a clear and cool start once again but clouds are on the move, coming in from the west.  By mid-morning, we’ll start to notice the high clouds making our sunshine a bit hazy.  Temps will rise quickly, much like yesterday.  By lunchtime, we’re already to the upper 60s!  However, we still have to watch out for that sea breeze cooling off the coast this afternoon.  Coastal areas will likely top out in the upper 60s and then cool, closer to 60 for the afternoon.  Highs inland will continue to rise past lunch, and will top out in the mid to upper 70s.

The clouds are just the beginning of some changes coming this weekend.  The temp forecast is a roller-coaster through the next few days, and Saturday will likely feature some showers.  This shouldn’t ruin any weekend plans, though.  Unless, of course, your plans were to run through some downpours.  Looks like the best chance to get wet will be Saturday morning, between 6-9am for Worcester County and between 8-11am for Boston.  So, an early tee time on the golf course may get you a little damp, but these showers won’t amount to much or last for very long.  The weather through the rest of the day stays unsettled; we’ll stay mostly cloudy through the day, but there could also be peeks of sun and a few short-lived sprinkles.

I think we’ll get a boost of temps on Sunday before a backdoor cold front moves through.  Some models indicate the interior getting close to 80° before things cool off… but I’m forecasting a general “mid 70s” for highs on Sunday (with the exception being coastal locations which will cool more quickly, thus, highs along the coast will be in the 60s).  Yes, the backdoor cold front moves through.  Temps cool quite dramatically following this strong onshore flow.  Highs on Monday will only be in the low 60s (50s for the coast).

I said it yesterday, and I’ll say it again.  We really do need rain.  It’s maybe not ideal to have wet weather dampen the weekend plans (quite literally), but we can use whatever we get.  Maybe a few more showers on the way for Tuesday… In the meantime, I’ll be doing my rain dance.

Already looking forward to Memorial Day Weekend?  Could be another warm-up in store!  There may not be 80° in the forecast for the next 7 days… but it could be in store for the holiday weekend. 

Have a wonderful Friday!  – Breezy

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