Multiple emergency crews were on the scene of a chemical release on High Street in Boston.

The 32-story high-rise building at 99 High Street was evacuated as a precaution as Haz-Mat teams worked with property managers.

The initial belief was a chemical spill on the 18th floor of the building. Upon further review, it was not a spill but a release of bromine, which is used in water treatment.

The release happened in the mechanical room, and a ventilation system caused the odor to be detected on several other floors, according to the Boston Fire Department.

The fire department said the building ventilation system was shut down, and a separate ventilation system was used to clear the rooms affected.

The chemicals Glutaraldehyde and Sodium Hydroxide were mixed with the bromine, causing a reaction during the filling process.

Boston EMS says three people were transported to area hospitals – one to Tufts and two to MGH. Those transported had non-life-threatening injuries.

Haz-Mat teams used protective suits to check air quality.

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