Remarkable turnaround today. Lows started in the 40s in the suburbs, only to rocket to the mid 80s this afternoon. Dry air can do that to you. Drop the hammer in the overnight hours, then blow dry the afternoon under blazing sun.

Get ready for a cooldown, however – and not just a brief afternoon foray either. 

A sneaky sea breeze will strengthen and push cooler air into the region tomorrow. Starts OK, but by mid to late afternoon, you’ll notice the chill. Coats for the evening. 

Things have changed heading into the weekend. What was once warm and summery now seems more cool and clammy. With all this “Deflategate” business, I’ll keep the football theme going: I’m essentially calling an audible for Saturday’s forecast. We’ll battle the clouds and some fog in the morning, and keep the onshore winds throughout the afternoon. Temperatures will struggle to make the 60s along the coast now. So instead of a beach day, this is one for yard work. 

Sunday still holds promise for a beach day. Highs again soar into the low/mid 80s. Ditto for Monday. But as the heat returns, so does the humidity.

We also have our eyes on a developing “subtropical system” off the Southeast US. She should have a name here shortly as winds are now coming in around 40-45 mph. Oddly, this doesn’t have all the characteristics of a truly tropical system, so it gets a hybrid subtropical name that essentially makes it a cross between a nor’easter and tropical storm. There are gray areas in the world of meteorology, and this is one of them (the other is the 7-10 day forecast).

Steering winds in the upper atmosphere are such that most of what(ever) forms should scoot off the Islands early next week. I’m hoping we get some showers in this close brush…we need them.

Be well.


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