Class Act: Kira Porter and Kate Kalinowski

Two students from Northboro are being recognized for putting together an art exhibit about body image called “Reflections Redefined.”

Kira Porter and Kate Kalinowski at Algonquin Regional High School, are a perfect pair.

They created the art exhibit, and it really got their peers and themselves talking.

“We wanted to do an in-school campaign, and we wanted to do something that was more visual and creative, so we decided on the art show. But it was difficult to picture how it would turn out,” said Kira.

Kira and Kate challenged perceptions of what beauty is.

The exhibit is a DECA project, an international business competition for High School students.

It also includes work from four Algonquin alumni and current students.

The images are from female artists, but Kira and Kate also wanted artwork from men.

“I reached out to male artists, I think they are more uncomfortable of sharing it because it is less stereotypical for males to have body image issues, so that wasn’t something in my control, I tried, but…”

Kate and Kira are taking “Reflections Redefined” to the next level. They will display it at the final DECA competition in Nashville later this month.

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