In this week’s Class Act, we are honoring an accomplished graduating senior from Plymouth North High School, who went from being homeless, to becoming president of the National Honor Society.

You would think there are more than 24 hours in a day for 18-year-old Michael McEachern. The senior has a long list of accomplishments. Along with his presidency for Plymouth North High’s National Honor Society, McEachern is editor of the school newspaper and anchor for the school’s award-winning television station.

"School has always been important to me," he said.

Being a star student has not come easy for McEachern, since he has faced his fair share of challenges– including homelessness.

"Since I was 8, I can remember being evicted a handful of times, from 8 to 17. I’ve lived in 17 houses or apartments. I’ve never had a stationary home."

But McEachern was wiling to do whatever he had to do to succeed.

"Even if I was sleeping on an air mattress at my friends house, using a flashlight to do my homework, I was still going to do that," he said.

This year, McEachern had no home, until his good friend Mary-Kate offered him a place to stay.

"I was like, ‘You can totally come live with me and my family," said Mary-Kate. "’That would be totally fine.’ So I went home and I talked to my parents about it and I texted him, ‘I just want you to know that offer was for real.’ About two weeks later he finally texted me, about five days before school was about to start, he was like, ‘I think I would like to come stay with you, if that’s okay.’"

McEachern has embraced his new home and his new family.

"One of Michael’s favorite things is to sit down and eat dinner together," said Mary-Kate. "I don’t think people realize that’s a big blessing to sit down with your family every night and eat dinner together."

"Never let it all get to you," said McEachern. "There is always someone out there who can help you."

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