Class Act:

Amy Marie Trillcott

Nominated by:

Ellen L. Yoerger

Nomination Story:

In 2013 Amy and her Mother, Cindy Trillcott made a donation of toys to the Amelio Della Chiesa Early Childhood Center in Quincy, MA. At that time Amy asked Principal Kerri Connolly about other projects the school might need. (Amy herself had attended the school as a young child.) Principal Connolly indicated that the school no longer had room for a library. Principal Connolly explained that the school lost the space for a library several years ago to make room for a physical therapy room for the special needs children that attend Della Chiesa.

Amy felt compelled to address the issue because she believes that every child should have the opportunity to learn to read and to have access to books so that they may improve their reading skills along with the joy of learning to read at an early age. 

Amy decided to organize a book drive. She created a flyer, emailed it to family, friends and everyone she could think of asking for donations of books or funds to purchase books and a mobile library cart. She held bake sales and worked with volunteers and staff at the Thomas Crane Public Library in Quincy to help her understand what type of books would be appropriate for the early childhood center children. Amy contacted local businesses, received donations from friends, family and other donors. She also worked with Principal Connolly on choosing the best type of mobile book cart that could travel from classroom to classroom so that all 175 children and teachers would have access to the books.

By the start of the school season in September 2014, Amy had collected more than 1000 books and raised enough money to be able to purchase and stock a rolling mobile library cart for the school. She also was able to fill a bookcase with books that school visitors could use AND she also made “sit-upons” (a type of floor pillow) for the pre-schoolers to go with the cart. In addition she helped a local elementary school with books for classroom use and was also able to donate a number of books for the mothers and children at a domestic violence shelter located in Quincy.  

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