Class Act:

Nick Bongi & Adam Gibbs

Nominated by:

Karen Katz 

Nomination Story:

Nick Bongi is a senior at St. John’s in Shrewsbury and Adam Gibbs is a senior at Westborough High School. These ambitious young men who are friends of my oldest son have just launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund their business venture FISHinc. Tackle Systems. For the past four years, these boys have been working diligently on the idea of creating a tackle box that was not only waterproof but illuminated. Their final creation actually has a USB cable port to charge electronic devices such as a phone. They have worked with a variety of people to get this idea off the ground.  

While many of the students you feature often are lauded for charitable endeavors, I believe that doing a story about student athletes who have created their own company, product and now fundraising campaign would be inspiring to many other young students who have an idea but can’t imagine being able to turn that idea into a reality. Both boys are sociable, intelligent, enthusiastic and would be great interviews.

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