I feel like I left all my best thoughts (and jokes) in yesterday’s blog…..would it be bad to copy & paste it into this column today? I mean, really……we are still under the influence of a storm swirling about and south of Nova Scotia today. This storm is weak and with weak storms there are massive gaps in cloud cover. That’s why we had all that sunshine yesterday afternoon. Sadly, that gap of dry air has moved away so look for more clouds today. I don’t think we see any rain from those clouds (a few sprinkles are possible at times along the coast).

The tricky part of today’s forecast will be temps. Due to clouds overnight, our numbers are off to a relatively mild start–near 50 and with some limited sun this morning we quickly bounce through the 50s by midday. At that time the wind will shift to the east. An east wind this time of year is death for warm air. That east wind will quickly send temps from the upper 50s down into the low 50s along the coast—the downhill slide will be gradual farther inland.

This storm is with us until the weekend so plan on more of the same for the remainder of the week—lots of clouds, very little if any rain and cool temps–especially along the coast. As we hit the weekend, the storm pulls away allowing milder air to take hold. In fact, by early next week it looks to be suddenly summer with temps near 80 both Monday & Tuesday. That blog will be fun.


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