Crushing It

 Taco Tuesday has come & gone (boo) and now it’s on to #WCW. I’m going to hijack it though & put my spin on it…#WCW–WEATHER Crush Wednesday. We have a day that offers a boatload of sunshine, warm air and perhaps most importantly, dry air!

We had a cool front take a swipe at portions of New England last evening setting off scattered showers/storms as well as rainbows (no unicorns tho) and technically it was a cool front only the humidity gets the boot so plan on afternoon temps into the low 80s….upper 70s along the coast/beaches. All in all, a fantastic summer-like day on tap.

Tomorrow we see the humidity make a return to New England–hey don’t blame me, I didn’t invite him! It will still be warm, actually quite warm with afternoon temps in the upper 80s. That combined with our uninvited guest will make it feel somewhat uncomfortable tomorrow afternoon. We will also have a cool front drop into the region by afternoon. As we have seen, sometimes these fronts spark showers & storms (yesterday) and other times they don’t. I think tomorrow is one of those times where we’ll see some cumulus clouds but little if any rain. In any event we are back into some great outdoor weather on Friday with sunny skies, warm air & low humidity.

Enjoy your #WCW