Temperatures cooled a little today with a few more clouds and a more persistent onshore wind. Make that a feisty onshore wind – clocking in at 20 mph at one point this afternoon. 

As we all know, sea breezes this time of year can chill to the bone – dropping us into the 40s or 50s in minutes. However, there’s not much bite to the sea breezes in the days to come. They’ll be more refreshing in the afternoon – and offer some relief from the pollen. 

By now, you’ve probably seen the 7 day shocker. Heat…on the move…into New England. 

Classic setup here. We’re tickled by sea breezes over the next three days before a steady southwest wind kicks up and sends the heat into New England. Strong May sun will do the rest. Exception to the warmup will again be on the Cape/Islands as that southwest wind blows off the chilly water. In fact, later in the forecast – by the weekend – we may have to think about a fog bank forming as the humidity begins to rise.

That’s right. In addition to the hot temperatures (still seems weird to type that), humidity will move in on the southwest winds. I suspect that with pollen off the chart and humidity in the forecast, some folks will trip the A/C at some point to “clear the air”.

I know what you’re thinking before you even say it. “Too hot, too soon.” Hang on. We just went through the snowiest winter in Boston’s history. It was frigid, it was unrelenting and it was historic. Don’t you think we deserve a little warmth to prove to the rest of the country that this is still God’s Country? Besides, it means nothing in the grand scheme of summer trends. We could still slip into a cool pattern just as much as we could a hot pattern. Kick back and enjoy your sandwich on the Common.

Rain remains elusive in the extended forecast. Best chance for anything significant looks to be next week with a front approaching. We’ll keep you posted.


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