It was a cool start to the morning, but that was followed by a pretty perfect afternoon – if I do say so myself.  Bright sunshine dominated for the day, aside from a few high clouds (check out the pic I captured of a sun dog below) making for a picturesque Sunday.  Maybe it wasn’t a perfect day at the beach (still a touch cool), but you sun-worshippers will get your turn this week… You’ll just have to hold your horses for a couple of days.

There really is a little bit of everything in this week’s forecast… Which means, everyone wins!:  You like temps in the 70’s?  Monday/Tuesday will be right up your alley.  You like storms?  We could hear some rumbles of thunder on Tuesday and again Thursday.  You’re a big fan of wiping sweat off of your brow while baking in summer sunshine?  The heat is on for the end of the week!  See?  Something for everyone!

Clouds will thicken in tomorrow ahead of another cool front.  Showers and storms look to stay mainly to the NW of Boston for Monday, but then become more widespread for Tuesday.  Neither of these days looks like a washout.  I know there are a lot of outdoor events going on, now that we’ve moved into summer.  While I don’t foresee anything getting canceled due to weather – there may still be a moment you find yourself glad you have the umbrella handy.  So, take my advice:  Plan for the worst and hope for the best!  :c)

Monday will also be a bit breezy – but this is actually good news!  With a breeze coming out of the SW, it will keep the sea breeze at bay – and even coastal locations will warm into the 70s tomorrow!  That will be another first for June 2015 in Boston.  :c) 

While highs will stay in the low to mid 70s for the next couple of days, mainly due to the cloud cover, we are in for a BIG boost in temps for the end of the week.  We’re into the 80s for Wednesday, and we continue to climb as we head into the weekend.  Saturday looks to be the hottest day of the week (and month, so far) with highs nearing 90° in some spots!  So again, if you’ve been waiting for the hot flashes to return – you’ll get ’em.  We’ll be firing up the AC units again this week… starting on Wednesday.

I hope your week gets off to a great start!  – Breezy

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