Seems like summer is in firm control of our forecast. We can now qualify the days as beachworthy or not-so-beachworthy.

Highs soared to the mid 80s in spots as the beaches hovered in the low 80s. Smoky skies across Southern New England (see my blog from last night) hindered the sun, but as a front passed through, the refreshing air was sinking south through the Commonwealth.

And it will make for pleasant sleeping weather tonight as the cooler air shuffles in. We’re back in the heat tomorrow…albeit cooler than today. Highs should make the low/mid 80s tops as a weather system moves swiftly in our direction from New York.

This was the weather system that we feared would put on the breaks Saturday and threaten us with showers through much of the day. But now, our fears have been allayed. The front has picked up speed and will cruise through in the morning hours. Sun will be moving in from north to south through the morning and chasing the clouds and showers away. A much improved forecast!

Sunday is still the finest of the two days. Highs will top out near 80 with gentle sea breezes at the coast. Still a good beach day.

Next week we may fall back closer to normal as clouds and showers move in followed by a stronger cool front. 

Maybe not-so-beachworthy on a couple of those days.


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