Big news of the day – besides the Lobster Roll coming back to McDonald’s this summer – remains the severe threat for tomorrow.

We managed to make a sizzler out of the first full day of summer. Some spots away from the coast hit the mid and upper 80s. Sea breezes kept us cooler at the water’s edge, but there was a turning point of sorts with the sea breeze. As water temperatures warm above 60, the sea breeze now imparts a more humid feel to the almost daily occurrence at the coast. So instead of chasing us from the beach, it actually may invite us on hot days.

Now about that storm threat tomorrow. Certainly the ingredients are there to get a few severe storms, but this doesn’t look like a huge outbreak of violent weather across Southern New England.

Unfortunately, the evolution of this severe threat is less than clear cut. A cluster of nighttime storms and dowpours will be racing across Lakes Ontario and Erie and sweep into Northern and Central New England first thing in the morning. This could have the potential to turn over the atmosphere and diminish the threat for severe weather later in the day. It’s happened before, and it could certainly do the same tomorrow. In fact, the weather models are having a hard time distinguishing between the one-two punch and broad brush us with scattered storms from mid-morning to late afternoon. Bottom line: I’m not crazy about the idea of headlining tornadoes tomorrow as much as I am about damaging winds and hail. Doesn’t mean we’re in good graces either. All storms that hit tomorrow will be strong, and we still need to keep our guard up. 

Post-Tuesday, it a slowly cools down and dries out. Later in the week, we fall back into the cooler air and start timing out the steady rain. Weekend forecast looks a little bleak for now….and yes, I’m working on it.


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